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 treatment through Medicinal Cannabis

ONLINE  CANNABIS  CLINIC is a doctor lead Australian company, offering its services from Queensland. This clinic is committed to provide authentic information  &  treatment for government-approved 42 different medical conditions through Medicinal Cannabis for eligible patients only !! 
Through Video consultations / Telehealth doctor sessions, this clinic has the ability to work for patients throughout  Australia where the patient's regular Doctor's referral & current health summary are mandatory.  In Australia, a registered doctor can access Medicinal Cannabis through special access scheme (SAS) with an application to the Therapeutic Goods Administration




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It is very important to read patient information sheet to understand regarding Medicinal cannabis & your medical condition, your eligibility, Steps to access this legally in Australia, Cost of medicinal cannabis & Consultation fee. So, Please read patient info sheet 1st. (Click on - Patient Info Sheet). Then contact us through email or text or website text or fax.



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Online Cannabis Clinic Admin/Nurse will respond to you through email/phone call for detail discussion to reply to your queries & to assist you throughout the process of accessing Medicinal Cannabis. No fee or charge for this important info session !!



Doctor's Consult

Telehealth consult with one of our Doctors who will apply, get authority & issue script for your Medicinal Cannabis.

# Consultation on your health conditions, current medications, plan on medicinal cannabis treatment, possible side effect discussion & more...
# Issuing written dose planning 

for the next 21 days  
# Follow‐up plan arrangement  
# Application to TGA for your approval 
# Issuing a letter to your Regular Doctor/Specialist (After receiving TGA Approval)



Disclaimer:  Online Cannabis Clinic is not inducing anyone to use Medical Cannabis. Cannabis is a drug and may have negative side effects or interactions with other medications. Medicinal Cannabis doesn't work for everyone. If you think Medicinal Cannabis is right for you, please check with our doctors. How Cannabis affects a person and is mobilised depends on many things including their condition, size, weight, age and health, dosage, other medications and tolerance. Other drugs, medications or supplements that are being taken can also interact with or  be affected by Cannabis. Medical Cannabis in Australia is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and details about Cannabis as a scheduled drug can be found on their website. Please consult with your doctor to find out if Cannabis is right for you.


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