Cost & Steps...

Step 1:

Phone discussion & initial assessment by our Admin team member


Step 2:

A long 20-30min Telehealth consult with one of our Doctors who will review your health condition & medications, apply to TGA, access & guide you with Medicinal Cannabis treatment.


One off pay

Step 3:

One of our Admin team members will organize your documents, process your TGA approval, doctors script & liaise with Med Cannabis friendly pharmacy who will contact you for medicine cost. Our admin will arrange & ensure secured post of med cannabis at your door.

(NOTE: your Medicine Cost is not included.)

we are not involved with your medicine cost- See detail on Patient information sheet here-


One off pay

Step 4:

A short 10-15min Telehealth consult with the same doctor who will review medication dose, side effects (if any), repeat script, etc. every month (4-6 weekly or whenever you need).


Note: A re-application after 12 months or for change of product there will be a $30 additional charge.


Each time pay


(All under private Billed)..

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FAX: 07 3184 8411

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